"I'm tired of going after you, so go ahead, blame me, and everyone, but yourself."

-Alan Myles to Elsa Myles.

Biography Edit

Alan Dean Myles (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Canary Islands, Spain, May 11th 1990) is the CEO of Myles Textiles.

Early life in the Canary Islands Edit

Little does Alan remember about his time in the Canary Islands, since the Myles moved to San Paro when he was 4. He does get a nostalgia feeling when summer arrives.

Growing up in San Paro Edit

Alan's was a wealthy family, and that wealth continued to grow as their family company, Myles Textiles, earned fame. Despite this, and since Alan's mother, Diana, came from a modest family, his parents didn't want their kids to grow up as spoiled brats, so they always made sure they earned what they wanted.

During his early teens, Alan shared his father's passion for the different types of hand to hand combat and weapon usage, as well as the direction of a company. He wanted to own one when he grew up. When him and Dinah turned 12, their father gifted each of them a personalized a katana, promising to teach them how to wield it when they were older.

When he turned 14, he met a friend of his father, Vladimir Voronov, and his daughter, Natalia Voronov, who was a year younger than him. Vladimir worked with her parents, that's all he knew. But Vladimir could fight seriously good, so he, together with Dinah, asked him to train them.

2006, the changes Edit

During the following 2 years, Alan and Dinah learned Vladimir was a member of a group called Titan Security Solutions, but their parents never told them much more about it.

In 2006, Alan's parents were murdered, the case left unsolved. It all changed for the Myles.

Alan left to Barcelona to take care of the company. He had always wanted to own a company, but certainly, not this way. It was specially hard having to leave behind his siblings, but he had to ensure them the same future their parents wanted for them... or at least as similar as possible. Under the guidance of his uncle, he helped direct the company until he turned 18 and earned full rights over the company. He then started working on taking the company to San Paro to return to his family, which happened in 2015. He was happy to see Dinah, Kyle and Elsa looked so good and grown up, but he was heartbroken at the discovery that Elsa wouldn't still talk to him, or even look at him.

He stablished at Kyle's apartment and divided the company assets between his siblings, also founding together with Dinah the brand "Dragon Cuteness".

Present time and the events of the comics Edit

Alan is currently living with Kyle and taking care of Myles Tex.

Equipment Edit

  • Katana
  • Dagger
  • ACT 44

Abilities Edit

  • Negotiator
  • Hand to hand combat and martial arts

Appareances Edit