"There's people who think that the glass is empty. Others think the glass is full. Then there's people think someone's drinking their water. Me? I just like to tip the glass over!"

-Michelle on her life philosophy

Biography Edit

Anthony Daniel Lance, or simply Tony Lance, was born in San Paro. That's the same city he grew up in and the same city he's sworn to protect as a police detective.

Early life and growing up in San Paro Edit

Tony had a pretty nice childhood. He grew up in a modest family, loving parents, troublemaker little sister. He had the typical preoccupations kids have: eating candy, being an astronaut, getting no school notifications and in his particular case, devouring books.

It all went like this until he started to see the kind of city he was living in, and how different life was in San Paro from those places that appeared in his books. He noticed how tensions was building in his parents' faces as crime kept rising more and more. At some point, it was too much, and they decided it was time to leave San Paro. However, he also realized he couldn't turn around and run away from the city that watched him grow. he realized he had to return the favour. The city needed heroes, and he could be one, so he decided to let his parents go and stay to become a cop.

Adult life Edit

Things changed after becoming a cop for Tony. He had his own place and a job he enjoyed. The only thing that didn't change was his preference of spending his free time alone. He had friends and he enjoyed good talks, but he also enjoyed running or walking around the city for hours by himself, spending nights reading a book next to the chimney... His sister, who stayed in San Paro too, often asked between beers if he had ever fallen in love, to which he had laughed, but also considered. He never had met such a special person, but at the same time he didn't have that need.

His life dynamic changed quite a bit after meeting the Myles. Specially, Kyle and Dinah, or, how he liked to called them, the canaries, since they both came from the Canary Islands, were blonde and talked a lot. He first met Dinah, she had just become an Assistant District Attorney and she followed Albert Spencer around the courthouse with both confidence and fear, the first one being to cover the second. Tony was there for a case he had been working with Spencer, who introduced them. They clicked and became close friends. He then met the middle brother, Kyle. They were really different, but at the same time they shared something that made them buddies as well. The youngest of them, Elsa, was hard to miss, since she was a movie star, but like with the eldest of them, Alan, he never had much contact. In Alan's case, he basically sensed hostility towards him, so he avoided him as much as possible.

Comic events Edit

Tony is the only one who knows about Dinah's vigilantism. They both help each other.

Equipment Edit

  • Twin FBW Pistols generally holstered on her thighs
  • Stolen Gold Act 44
  • Old ALIG from her days with the Bloodroses
  • Highly advanced prosthetic arm on her left side

Abilities Edit

  • Slightly increased strength on her left, mechanical arm.
  • Extremely skilled clothing designer.

Appareances Edit