"When I was in the army, I saw bad things. Dead children, maimed corpses, dead friends. Back in basic I watched as Jenkins blew his arm off with a grenade. None of that stuck with me. So I’ll be damned if this sticks."

-Whiskey to her Fiancée, Sara McConnor.

Biography Edit

Courtney "Whiskey" Willson (born May 25th, 1988 in San Paro) is an active CSA Enforcer in San Paro. She is the Fiancée of Sara McConnor and close friends with Sadira Nightfall, Jack Evans and the Myles Family.

Early Life Edit

Whiskey was raised by her parents Michael and Susan in a quiet neighbourhood in the hills south of the city centre. Her parents tried their best to give her a good start to life and deeply cared for her. in 2000, Michael, working as a defence attorney, was hired by small time gang leader Vincent Newman to defend him in court, giving himself out as an innocent businessman wrongfully accused of possession with intent to distribute. After Michael learned the truth about Vincent, he tried to covertly sabotage the case, ultimately being spotted, but not before the damage was done. Vincent was sentenced to only 2 years in jail.

A week after the trial Michael received a threatening phone call from a hitman, claiming that his and his wife's days were numbered, threatening that he'd kill their daughter too if they attempt to escape. On August 12th 2000, Whiskey's parents were killed in an arsonist attack on their home, forcing her to live with her borderline abusive uncle. During this time Whiskey was urged by her friends to learn some form of martial arts to be able to defend herself for when her uncle inevitably tries to hurt her.

Adult Life Edit

In December of 2005 Whiskey's uncle was going through a messy divorce, losing almost all he owned. He began heavy drinking to the point that he was almost always drunk. In this state, he attempted to molest Whiskey twice, both times knocked to the floor. Shortly after new years eve, her uncle attempted one last time, this time trying to convince her at first before drawing a gun on her to force her. After a short fight, Whiskey had shot her uncle by accident.

Whiskey spent the next 7 months being juggled between court hearings, custody and interrogation until the death was ruled an accident that Whiskey was not being held accountable for. Whiskey decided to drop out of high school instead of redoing her last year and joined the army, training as a combat pilot for the 1st Cavalry Division. She was deployed to Afghanistan as part of operation "Enduring Freedom" along with most of her unit. It was at this time she gained her nickname and met her first love, Josh Fairdale, the gunner designated to her helicopter. While they were romantically involved, they refused getting physical to prevent issues for Whiskey.

In 2012, Whiskey's helicopter was shot down during an especially dangerous mission, killing Josh and stranding her many dozen miles behind enemy lines. She was found unconscious and dehydrated by a local patrol unit and immediately placed in intensive care, barely saving her life. After this ordeal, Whiskey quit the army and returned to her hometown without plan. She was devastated by her loss but tried her best to overcome it. She tried to reconnect with old friends, but most had grown away from her. A good handful of them had joined the Prentiss Tigers, a very loosely Structured CSA organisation. Whiskey gained interest in the CSA movement and ultimately signed on with the Praetorians.

Two years later, Whiskey was leading a team of Praetorians tracking a shakedown operation of the notorious Bloodroses, setting up an ambush at one of the known targets. Whiskey's planned ambush was ruined by her team not waiting for her signal, giving the roses time to scramble for cover. After the fight was over, only Whiskey and a sole Bloodrose remained. This Bloodrose turned out to be FBI Special Agent Sara McConnor, working undercover with the Roses. After Sara was freed, the two women would spend hours talking, eventually leading them onto a date. Only a few short weeks later, the two were a couple.

Later in the year Whiskey "met" notorious hacked D4X, who would eventually trade intel on criminal activities in exchange for access codes to Praetorian databases. This allowed Whiskey to start pursuing criminal elements independently, making her rarely work with the praetorians from then on.

Through Jack Evans, a friend of Whiskey's in the SPPD, she would meet Kyle Myles, who would develop a close friendship, as well as introducing her to the rest of his family. In early 2016, Sara would propose to Whiskey, planning the wedding for autum of the same year.

In February of the same year, Whiskey receives a tip on who had her parents killed almost 16 years prior. Through the help of D4X, evidence provided by her late father and investigations of her own, Whiskey would find the location of Vincent's base of operations. In a daring and borderline stupid attack on the penthouse, an emotional Whiskey would tear through his surprisingly light defences and confront the man that had ruined her life 16 years ago. Vincent pleaded for his life but Whiskey showed no mercy and brutally maimed and tortured and eventually killed him, but not before finding out who the hitman was. Whiskey has since been suffering from PTSD.

Events of the Comics Edit

Whiskey was present as Kyle received the phone call that informed him of his ex's death and joined the investigation into the case. She also introduced Kyle to his son.

Personality Edit

Due to the nature of her life, Whiskey lacks any kind of idealism. The world to her is coloured in shades of grey as opposed to black and white, to her there is no such thing as a universally good or bad person. Whether it is just her nature or something she picked up in the Army, Whiskey has a quick wit about her and generally deadpan humour which she presents often, even at inappropriate times. Underneath this hard shell lies a deeply caring woman, swearing to do everything in her power to keep her friends from harm.

Equipment Edit

  • Custom FFA 5.56
  • TAS-20 (Situational)
  • Single-fire converted OBIR with integral suppressor (Situational)
  • Varying sidearms
  • Combat Knife

Abilities Edit

  • Helicopter pilot (Army training)
  • Parkouring
  • Judo
  • Marksmanship

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Miscellaneous Edit

  • The dog tags Whiskey almost always wears are a combination of her own and Josh's
  • in Comic Zero, Whiskey originally "met" Kyle on opposite sides of a hostage situation
  • Whiskey has a weakness for children, immediately melting away her hard shell.
  • While Whiskey sees the CSA as a whole as an incredibly bad idea, she joined up to try and do at least some good with her badge.
  • Whiskey is ambidextrous