"I see. In the end... i was right..."

- Defiler

Biography Edit

We know almost nothing about Defiler's history, there are no information about him or his family before is arrival in San Paro. He spent his first years performing different activities for the two most important criminal faction in the city, without never take side with a specific one or without joining coalitions or clans. When it was a “rookie” for the criminal society he was given with the nickname of “The Outsider”, but after few his name become known as “Defiler”. The latest years he worked like a kind of mercenary for the heads of criminality... still now he takes few and high-profit commissions from anyone who offers something interesting for his goals. Despite his long presence in San Paro, his name is not so notorious, this just because it's his interest to be known only by those who truly matters. Defiler's main activities are: hacking, sabotage and obviously killing. Officially, even for the his affiliates and customers, he have no location or nest and, when needed he takes contact only via computer or in person. Logically he have his own den... a kind of garage hidden somewhere in Waterfront.

Personality Edit

In three words: cynic, pedant, astute.

His preference to work alone and the tendency to anonymity instead of fame and lust for power, are no signs of sociopath or even self-preservation... this is just the result of an independent, limitless and un-constraints life. San Paro provide all needs for him, freed from bonds and control of institutions that the modern society impose to everyone. It's not always so easy to, but it works. From the human side he may seem rude while spitting unfiltered sentences and judgments on everything and everyone, but this is perfectly in line with his cynicism and straightforwardness. To make it easy, he just don't care about other’s opinion. He follow his own path even this means walk beside momentary allies or above their corpses. And to be honest this makes him not a nice person to keep close, but for sure it makes a person  that inspires both awe and respect at the same time.

Curiosity Edit

  • it happens much more frequently than we might believe that some people, who reach a certain notoriety in the criminal society, take contact to him to sign agreements, under fair compensation, providing that he does not accept others contracts on their heads.
  • we know for sure that sometimes he takes works for free, and seems without any self-interest, on behalf of Tiptoe.
  • he has always been, and still is, a constant presence of club events at the Asylum. Many of his contacts know that they can find him there.

- What they say about him: Edit

Michael Simeone: “He takes risks and makes no mistakes. He can be useful.”

Lilith Bloodrose: “He’s not enough psycho… at least for my standards.”

Birth: “I like his style.”

Shift: “…what a waste.”

Chiro: “See that shit on his skin? Not my works amigo, not my works.”

Tiptoe:  “...” *intense breathing*

Devil Dog: “I’ll shot his fucking head, twice… just to be sure”

Kaspar Danko: “…who?!?”

Equipment Edit

  • Weapon(s) of choice

Abilities Edit

  • Marksman
  • Ability(s) of choice

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  • Chapter 1: The good, the bad and the head (on going)