"I am what I need to be."

-Dinah Myles to Tony Lance

Biography Edit

Dinah Mary Myles (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Canary Islands, Spain, May 11th 1990) is an assistant district attorney and an unlicensed vigilante in secret.

Early life in the Canary Islands Edit

Little does Dinah remember about her time in her place of birth, since she moved with her family to San Paro at the age of 4. She does, however, get a warmth feeling everytime she sees the sunset, and some nostalgia.

Growing up in San Paro Edit

Dinah's was a wealthy family, and that wealth continued to grow as their family company, Myles Textiles, earned fame. Despite this, and since Dinah's mother, Diana, came from a modest family, her parents didn't want their kids to grow up as spoiled brats, so they always made sure they earned what they wanted. This stuck with Dinah in the deepest of the ways, since that, together with her stubborness, made her fight nonestop until she achieved what she was after.

During her early teens, Dinah shared his father's passion for the different types of hand to hand combat and weapon usage, as well as her mother's interest in clothing design. In her 12th birthday, his father gifted her a katana, promising her to teach her how to wield it when she was older. She was excited, so she sketched a white superhero costume to match the katana, dreaming of one day becoming a ninja.

When she turned 14, she began training more seriously. She had in the back of her mind being a singer when she grew up, but there was something thrilling in martial arts. She then met a friend of his father, Vladimir Voronov, and his daughter, Natalia Voronov, who was three years younger than her. Vladimir worked with her parents, that's all she knew. But Vladimir could fight seriously good, so she, together with Alan, asked him to train them. Maybe she could compete at some point...

2006, the changes Edit

During the following 2 years, Dinah learned Vladimir was a member of a group called Titan Security Solutions, but her parents never told her much more about it.

In 2006, Dinah's parents were murdered, the case left unsolved. It all changed for the Myles.

Alan left to Barcelona to take care of the company. Dinah was all alone with Kyle and Elsa. Her dreams had been shattered along with her heart. Without her parents and Alan, she had to take care of her younger siblings. Being a singer dissapeared from her mind and fighting stopped being a hobby. It was now her only way to calm her anger and dispair. She decided she would study law to make sure she could take the cases like her parents to the end, but on the other side, her sketch of a white superhero turned into a dark shadow that seeked revenge. And she swore to take it, no matter how long it would take or how much she had to search. Whoever did this to her family would pay.

Present time and the events of the comics Edit

After she finished her law degree she worked hard to get a place in the DA's office. She realized she could do a lot of good for the people who felt similar to her with this job, so when she got it she took it seriously, winning some famous cases and earning a reputation. But meanwhile, she had taken her training to another level. After her parents were murdered, Titan Security Solutions broke the links with Myles Textiles. She knew, however, that some members had left due to their need to follow their own principals. Among them she found Vladimir and an old man named Frank Cladis. They both supported the Myles family, specially Jack, since Vladimir left San Paro and returned to Russia. Frank had confessed to her that it had been a TSS internal issue what caused the murders of her parents, or, to put it clear: TSS killed her parents. Frank broke down and apologized a thousand times to her for not being able to stop it, even offering to do whatever she wanted in return. But, despite being angry, Dinah wasn't so lost in revenge as to blame him personally, but She did ask for something. She asked him to train her in the real way, she asked him to make a soldier of her. And that's how she got most of her scars.

Equipment Edit

  • Nightstick
  • Katana
  • Knife
  • Daggers
  • ACT 44

Abilities Edit

  • Hand to hand combat and martial arts
  • Law knowledge

Appareances Edit









  • In the events of Comic Zero, Dinah transitioned from being a cop to being a criminal. In the new series, she was never a cop.
  • The name Cazadora was given to her by Zombie in both storylines.
  • Cazadora is the Spanish word for both huntress and leather jacket. The character was named after the hunter class in the video game World of Warcraft.