The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a federal law enforcement agency in the USA.

Relevant History Edit

During the early nineties, the FBI set up a large branch office in San Paro in response to the dramatic increase in criminal activities at the time, specifically the high profile assasination of Mayor John Derren. The move was heavily critisised due to the close proximity of the local field division HQ. The administration had hoped that the proximity would prove as a deterent to the criminal organisations, but no such effect can be observed.

After the passing of the CSA, the FBI began keeping a close eye on the large organisations that had formed around it, remaining vigilant that they do not turn to the gangs of tomorrow. As a result, the FBI has little respect for CSA licensed enforcers, at times arresting individuals that got caught just outside of their juristiction.

Special Investigation Unit Edit

The SIU, set up in 2006 in response to the further increase of gang activities in San Paro, is a special unit operating in the greater San Paro area, charged with investing, infiltrating and ultimately dismanteling criminal organisations and companies aiding them. While initially showing great progress and successes, the public eye began questioning their effectiveness, accusing them of picking soft targets while the Bloodroses and G-Kings run rampant.

In 2013 as a response to negative media depiction, the SIU was ordered to immediately conduct a large scale operation against the Bloodroses. Undercover agents began showing results in 2014, but one by one their cover was blown and at least once, an agent was killed by a CSA enforcer. The SIU was forced to retreat and resume observations, technically meaning a failure of the operation.

Notable Members Edit