"Death by my blade is a fate preferable to failure."

-Howitt speaking to her recruits.

Biography Edit

Major Jannett Howitt (born September 9th, 1989 in San Jose) is one of two CQC instructors for the Titan Security Solution "DenOps" unit.

Early Life Edit

Jannett and her sister enjoyed a largely uneventful childhood. Their parents were well off and lived in a safe part of town. Jannett however came to the attention of her teachers throughout elementary, middle and high school as being manipulative of her peers to an almost dangerous level. Nothing ever came of that assessment, even after it was strongly suspected that she manipulated a couple of students into fighting over her, finally leading to the death of one of them. Jannett later also went on to cause her parents to divorce over infidelity committed by her father, leaving her and her sister to live alone with their mother.

Adult Life Edit

On the day of her 18th birthday, Jannett took what little she owned and went her own way. This eventually lead her to the criminal underbelly of San Paro, where she found a place in a small gang of bikers. She, like most women in the gang, started as little more than a prostitute, however, she began to appeal to the leader of the gang. Within little over a year, Howitt had wrapped him around her finger, effectively making the gang act according to her will.

All this came with a heavy price: early in biker days, Howitt suffered from an accidental pregnancy, leading her to abort and then having herself sterilised. After the procedure, Howitt was prescribed a strong painkiller, which she began taking in higher doses than recommended by her doctor, leading her to become heavily addicted.

After the passing of the City Security Act, Howitt decided that she wanted to move on from her gang. Just leaving, however, did not seem a satisfactory ending to her "career", so she incited a situation that would effectively ruin the gang. Howitt told the gang leader that a large bank, previously guarded by SPPD ready teams, is now under the protection of rag-tag CSA enforcers, making it an easy target for a smash-and-grab. In truth, the banks had started hiring Titan Security Solutions to provide on-site security, making the attack a suicide mission.

For a brief period Howitt was under investigative arrest, but released after the detectives were unable to find any evidence that Howitt was involved in attempted heist. The TSS private investigators had come to the conclusion that Howitt must have been involved, possibly having manipulated the gang leadership with false information. The ruthlessness of this possibility convinced the TSS leadership that Howitt could make an excellent trainer for their new "DenOps" unit and extended a job offer which Howitt accepted.

Right after Howitt had completed her training as an instructed, she was awarded the rank of major in the TSS hierarchy and handed a group of outlaws, former terrorists and gone-rogue soldier to turn into ruthless killing machines. While Howitt's means of doing so were extreme even by the standards that TSS displays, the leadership couldn't deny the effectiveness. Over time, Howitt started to extend influence into the ranks above and to the other DenOps instructor, her attempts to get hold of the TSS leadership itself was shot down hard, angering Howitt.

Personality Edit

Howitt's most noticeable character trait is her psychopathy. She has no regard for the lives of people around her, seeing them as little more than tools or toys to use and discard. As such, Howitt is permanently stoic and uncaring of the events around her.

Equipment Edit

  • 2 sets of paired swords
  • 3 spare knifes

Abilities Edit

  • Extremely skilled sword fighter
  • Master manipulator

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Howitt's twin sister does not suffer from psychopathy, indicating Howitt's condition was acquired due to an early childhood head injury.
  • Howitt has a crippling addiction to Oxycodine.