"While I live, I won't let him feel he has no father."

-Kyle Myles to Sadira

Biography Edit

Kyle Dean Myles (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Canary Islands, Spain, May 5th 1993) is a bartender and board member of Myles Textiles in the city of San Paro. He is Kyle Jr's father and is currently dating Jack Evans.

He is a retired member of the G-Kings.

Early life in the Canary Islands Edit

Kyle can't remember anything from his birth place, since the Myles moved a year after he was born.

Growing up in San Paro Edit

Kyle was the soul of the Myles family. He was always cheerful and full of energy, and he had the ability not only to notice when someone was sad, but to actually cheer them up.

Since he was a child he had a passion for painting, but also to other dangerous activities like climbing trees and the living room shelves. He was also fascinated by the waiters in restaurants. How could they carry so many things in one hand?

Just like Alan and Dinah, Kyle got a katana for his 12th birthday. They weren't allowed to wield the real thing yet, but they looked amazing, all placed inside a glass box that only their parents could open. He took some self defense classes from his father too, but they always ended up in jokes and laughs.

2006, the changes Edit

In 2006, Kyle's parents were murdered, the case left unsolved. It all changed for the Myles.

Alan left to Barcelona to take care of the company. It was just Dinah, Elsa and him. He kept trying to cheer everyone up, but he lost a huge part of his soul, and he began drowing in himself little by little. Dinah was busy being an adult and Elsa got lost in her lessons and her friends. He needed a family to cheer up, he needed a place to feel the warmth he missed so much. A friend then introduced him to a member of the G-Kings and he fell for them. With them he could forget all the pain and that hole in his heart felt completed. They had a taste and style, their graffitis inspired Kyle to bring back his artistic side, so he helped them tag around San Paro. He wasn't really aware of what his actions meant, or what the Kings were. To him, they were his friends, and thanks to his optimistic and fun personality, he soon met big people like Shift or Zombie. After the CSA was passed, he was a a real G-King.

At some point in 2011, Kyle came across a beautiful girl named Adrianna. She wasn't a G-King or a Bloodrose, but Kyle had seen her around them for some time, and eventhough it didn't last for long, they got involved in a passionate romance that was suddenly cut the day Adrianna left him, dissapearing without a word. Once again, his heart was broken, but this time he had an entire gang behind him.

Not much later, in 2012, Kyle met again with Natalia Voronov, who had a special interest in getting in trouble and stealing shinny objects. There was an undeniable sexual tension between them, but after a few "one night things", it was clear that there was something serious there, and that relationship kept strong until 2013, when Natalia left Kyle to move back to Russia. This was the darkest time Kyle met. He distanced himself from people in general, but also from his family and friends, becoming inactive in the Kings. He kept tagging for them here and there, but things were different.

A year later, he was arrested. He had been caught by a cop named Jack as he was "improving" a graffiti painted by the Prentiss Tigers. Kyle tried to run, so Jack had to chase him and take him to the station. However, as he interrogated Kyle, he noticed how troubled that young man was, and instead of putting a fine, he invited him to a drink. Being back at the bar, talking about his life, seeing that bartender, having someone listen... it felt good. So, next time, it was Kyle who invited Jack.

Present time and the events of the comics Edit

After Alan came back to San Paro, Kyle offered him his apartment. He is currently working as a bartender and in a relationship with Jack. He is also rising Kyle Jr.

Equipment Edit

  • Shredder SB
  • Katana

Abilities Edit

  • Parkouring
  • Driving

Appareances Edit