The San Paro Police Department (SPPD) is the law enforcment agency of the greater San Paro area.


Early HistoryEdit

The SPPD was found in 1873, as the local sheriff office had more and more trouble keeping up with crime in the fledging city. The SPPD began growing at a steady pace along with the city itself. In 1912, the SPPD moved its headquarters out of the city hall and into a newly constructed building, the now Historic SPPD Building north of Havalynd. This would remain their centre of operations until 1982 when they moved to the newly constructed SPPD Midtown HQ.

Late 1980's to Late 2000'sEdit

During the late 80's a massive crime wave errupted with in the city, initially just a general increase of crime was reported but soon the rise of popularity of groups like the Barbarians or the G-Kings drew the SPPD's attention. The 1993 assassination of mayor John Derren marked a critical blow to the department, with the civilian population losing faith in their ability to protect them. The period between the 90's and the formation of the CSA in 2009 saw a dramatic increase of neigbourhood watch incidents.

The already over worked and underfunded SPPD was met with further challenges as the sudden snap increase of crime caused by the Bloodroses and Red Rain forced them to stretch even thinner, practically begging the city administration for a funding increase so they could expand their operations. In 2009, then Mayor Jane Derren passed the City Security Act, granting any citizen the right to obtain a license to enforce the law as they saw fit.

Post CSAEdit

The passing of the CSA lifted a great weight off of the shoulders of the SPPD, as the new Prentiss Tigers and Praetorian organisations began carving up the Financial and Waterfront districts, the SPPD could focus its attention to the organised crime in the midtown district and resume showing presence in the out skirts of the city, bringing some much needed sense of safety, even if false, to the populance.

Notable MembersEdit