"Nothing stays hidden for long in San Paro. I make sure of that."

-Sara McConner speaking to her Brother.

Biography Edit

Sara McConnor (born July 12th, 1986 in Dublin, Ireland) is an FBI Special Agent working under the "Special Investigations Unit" of the San Paro office. She is the fiancée of Courtney "Whiskey" Willson and good friends with the Myles Family.

Early Life Edit

Sara spent the first nine years of her life in her hometown of Dublin in Ireland with her mother Kate and her brother Cory. in 1994 her mother would meet an American soldier who she would fall in love with and later marry. Sara had always been close to her brother, always looking up to him and going to him if she felt sad. This changed when he learned of the internet and the profitable hacking that could be done, slowly corrupting his morals until Sara found out, leading to a huge fight and creating a seemingly unmendable rift between the siblings.

In 1996, after her mother married James, the McConnor family moved to San Paro, James's home town. This was initially devastating to social Sara, who had made many close friends in her time at school. For the next two years she resented her stepfather for tearing her out of her home, but as she started finding new friends, she was able to forgive him.

During her early teenage years, Sara noticed that she was not like the other girls she knew, as the others were ogling the quarterbacks, Sara was mesmerised by the cheerleading teams. It took her little time to realise what was going on and immediately came out to her parents, finding strong support from her mother, while her stepfather claimed that it was a phase. For the next few years Sara would be jumping from relationship to relationship as other girls began trying to figure themselves out, most relationships lasted only weeks as her girlfriends notice that it wasn't working for them. The longest relationship she had was with a girl called Jamie, who ultimately introduced Sara to a lot of the things she still enjoys to the present. The relationship came to an end as Jamie, who was 2 years older than Sara, moved to Italy to study, forcing the couple to break up amicably. Sara stopped dating after that until her adult life, the constant heartbreak from short term relationships started wearing on her.

Adult Life Edit

After graduating high school, Sara signed up to join the SPPD, triggering Cory to a snap decision: He hacked into dozens of systems and effectively erased himself from existence before running from home, devastating Sara, despite their differences. Initially she blamed herself for forcing the issue by joining law enforcement, but eventually changed her mind and set herself one goal: Find Cory.

After joining the SPPD, her superiors quickly realised her potential as a detective and fast tracked her promotion, becoming one of the youngest investigators in the SPPD. Sara made herself known as the detective who builds rock solid cases, never missing a piece of evidence and often finding things where others have already stopped looking. This also drew the attention of the local FBI branch, which was currently looking for candidates for their new to be established "Special Investigations Unit." Sara was selected as one of two candidates from outside the FBI. To Sara, the FBI presented more resources she had to help her find Cory.

Her work in the SIU presented a tough challenge. The Unit was mandated with investigating and infiltrating gang operations in San Paro to gather evidence on ring leaders and ultimately arrest them. For the first couple of years, the unit mainly focused on gathering intelligence and looking for openings, thousands of hours went over the course of a few years. Three years after the unit began operations, Sara volunteered to infiltrate and disassemble a small drug running ring.

A few similar missions were conducted over the next few years until 2013, when the situation in San Paro grew worse and worse. The local branch director demanded the unit to use its specialists to take on the Bloodroses. Given no time to properly prepare, Sara once again volunteered, joining the Roses as a typical recruit. During her second year of investigation, she and a few other members of the Bloodroses were told to shake down several businesses, something that they have been regularly doing for years now. Everything went smoothly until they hit the last store: A team of Praetorians ambushed them, the ensuing fight left only Sara and the Praetorian team leader, Whiskey. Sara immediately surrendered herself into Whiskey's custody until her SIU superiors arrived and ordered her immediate release. Whiskey and Sara were left alone and spent hours talking until Sara invited Whiskey to a drink. Not long after the two began dating.

A year later, Sara finally found a lead to Cory, several banks had pointed out massive breaches in their security, but one managed to extract a potential location for a suspect. Sara intercepted this report by sheer luck and went to investigate the place right away. Again by luck, her brother was there, completely oblivious to his mistake. The two talked for a bit and Cory promised to stay in touch, as long as Sara kept the FBI off of his back.

In the early months of 2016 Sara decided to propose to Whiskey, setting the date for their marriage towards the end of the year.

Events of the Comics Edit

Sara was present as Kyle received the phone call that informed him of his ex's death and accompanied his family waiting in the lobby as he and the present CSA enforcers deal with the situation.

Personality Edit

Generally speaking, Sara is an especially social person, put her together with someone she has never met at breakfast, she will have befriended them before lunch. She is fiercely defensive of her friends and family and has a great sense of duty, however, this has also presented the issue of her putting her work before her well being. Friends of Sara can always rely on her as a shoulder to cry on, a friend that will listen and someone that is always willing to help, provided it doesn't conflict with her morals.

Equipment Edit

  • Glock 22 (FBI Standard issue)
  • Stabba PIG
  • Nightstick
  • CBMP-45 (Stored in car for emergencies)

Abilities Edit

  • Great investigative talent
  • Negotiator
  • CQC specialist

Appareances Edit


Miscellaneous Edit

  • Despite not having lived there in over 20 years, Sara still has a slight Irish accent
  • Although she and her stepfather had many disagreements, she still loves him dearly and refers to him as dad.
  • Sara has a burning passion for the metal genre of music
  • Sara dislikes driving despite being good at it.