"Sometimes she just sits there for hours, days, not moving an inch before she jumps up and does push-ups, sit-ups, then eats whatever is still sitting there from the morning and goes right back to sitting. It's... unsettling."

-A prison guard about Shima.

Biography Edit

Shima (born May 17th, 1996 in a native reserve) is a former Bloodrose gunrunner and former Shaman of her home tribe.

Early Life Edit

Shima was born to a native woman in a native reserve not far away from the city of San Paro. Her father is an unknown white man. As such, Shima's mother and by extension, Shima, were greatly looked down upon in the community. Eventually, Shima's mother would run away from the tribe, leaving Shima in the care of the community's shaman.

When Shima reached the age of 12, the shaman appointed Shima has her successor, a move that caused some outrage amongst the people of the community, but ultimately was respected as choice of their wisest woman. The path of the Shaman is a lonesome one, as such, in the mind of the old Shaman, Shima was the perfect candidate. Her training went well and by the time of her coming-of-age ceremony, she had been given her shamanic tattoos.

Adult Life Edit

After Shima had officially been declared an adult, she became the new Shaman. Initially Shima had felt perfectly content, feeling she had a place in the community and her sense of duty built a strong foundation for her to live off of.


Personality Edit


Equipment Edit

  • Dual ACES
  • Tomahawk

Abilities Edit

  • Meditation

Miscellaneous Edit

  • WIP